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Different Types of Shape of Eyes | Eyebrow Personality- different types of eyes shape ,Almond Shape Eyes. Considered the ideal eye shape due to their pretty curvature and exotic appearance, almond eyes are full of observation, gazing with intent and taking in the details of the moment. As you are so aware, you are able to keep cool in the most stressful situations, and tend to have a good sense of balance and command.The Best Makeup For Your Eye Shape | Glamour UKConsider the best makeup for your eye shape, so you can best dress them to accentuate them as much as possible, before you create an eye makeup masterpiece We asked top makeup artists, Lan Nguyen-Grealis, Adeola Gboyega and Bobbi Brown pro makeup artist Zara Findlay, how to make the most of our eyes., how to make the most of our eyes.

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8 Different Types Of Eye Shapes The ideal eyeliner for shape of your eyes sharon makeup styles different eye shapes i think this could love because it helps me identify beauty under 10: what is shape? great chart how to apply based on

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The cornea and lens of the eye can also be shaped differently and affect vision.

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4/8/2009· Posts about African People written by Mbeke Whilst studying the variations among tribal groups across Africa, the ever so superficial concept of ethnicity and beauty seems to dominate almost every blog I come across and sadly this one is no different.

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