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How Do Animals Sound In Other Languages? - YouTube- dog sounds in different languages ,3/1/2014· About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new featuresHow Dogs Bark in Different Languages | Reader's Digest11/12/2019· Dogs, in a way, are "multilingual"; humans who speak different languages have come up with different ways to represent the sounds dogs make. So if you talk about how dogs say "woof" in a non ...

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10 Animal Sounds in Japanese Words - ThoughtCo

28/7/2019· In different languages, there is little consensus about what sounds animals make. This holds true in Japanese as well as other tongues. In English, for example, a cow says "moo," but in French, it's closer to "meu" or "meuh." In Japanese, the bovine says "moo moo." American dogs say "woof," but in Italy, man's best friend makes a sound more ...

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Cross-linguistic onomatopoeias - Wikipedia

Because of the nature of onomatopoeia, there are many words which show a similar pronunciation in the languages of the world. The following is a list of some conventional examples: Human sounds Consuming food or drink ...

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Examples of Onomatopoeia: Noise and Sound Words

Examples of onomatopoeia abound in other languages too, although somewhat surprisingly, the words used to describe the same sounds are often not the same in different languages. The pig on Old MacDonald's farm, for example, says oink oink in English, but groin groin in French, grunz in German, and buu buu in Japanese. in Japanese.

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Animal Sounds in Different Languages | SenseList

6/12/2006· Animal Sounds in Different Languages Some of the first sounds we learn to imitate as babies are the sounds animals supposedly make. I say supposedly, since each language has its own idea about what those sounds are. While most people hear the mewing ...

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